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Confessions of an Army Wife

I am married to an Army man. This simple introduction will tell you ten thousand things about my life. And we know the value of ‘life’ like no one else. We are a typical tribe Yes, we are. There are some attributes that are unique to us. Many of you know us as the super-stylish… Continue reading Confessions of an Army Wife

Army wife, Guest Blogger

*Guest Post* The Unsung Heroes: Indian Army Wives

Sharing a beautiful post written by a blogger whom I immensely admire for her varied skill-set. Gunjan Upadhyay Mishra, a fellow Army wife and writer, has knocked it out of the park for a six with this piece.... THE UNSUNG HEROS: INDIAN ARMY WIVES Once, Yama, the ruler of hell, heard a large group of women… Continue reading *Guest Post* The Unsung Heroes: Indian Army Wives