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When Major Sa’ab wrote a letter to A Curious Army Wife and never posted it!

My lovely ‘Curious Army Wife’,

I am writing this letter just out of boredom, because I know it won’t reach you before the summer sets in. And that’s four months away. Ever since we lost internet connection exactly a month ago, I have been missing you so much. Our video calls were such a blessing — I realise that now!

It snowed again on our post last night, and I saw a full moon in the sky through my window. It was lovely… I wish you were with me to see it.

On second thoughts, it’s good you are not here with me. You would have fussed over the right angle and ‘white balance’ and blah blah of clicking that perfect photo for your Instagram account. You would have missed the fun, and I would have missed it too in the process.

The road leading to my post has closed down now. It will keep snowing over the next couple of months, so this road is no good. No one can come here, and none of us can leave now. It’s scary and thrilling at the same time.

You and I are about to experience the longest period of separation. It will be seven months by the time I come home on leave.

I worry about you. And our son, our Chhote Sa’ab. He must have forgotten what his Baba looks like. Has he started speaking words other than ‘Baba’ and ‘Mamma’ yet?

You have to record as many videos of him as your jhuggi phone allows you to. Didn’t I tell you that an iPhone would solved all your storage problems. But nai nai, tumhare liye toh iPhone bada bekaar phone hai na? Now please use your not-so-smart-phone and keep my son’s activities on record.

Here’s a to-do-list for you for the next 10 days (assuming we won’t be in contact):

1. Chhote Sa’ab is due for some vaccination. Check and get it done.
2. Buy yourself an anniversary gift from my side.
3. Wish the COW on 12th, it’s her birthday.
4. Renew my car insurance on 15th of this month.
5. Shortlist holiday spots — jab chhuti aunga tab jayenge.
6. Pay my mobile bill.
7. Give Rs 10,000 to the JCO who is coming back from leave this Sunday. He will wait for you at the station, just hand it over to him, it will reach me in next 15 days.
8. Send a photo of you and Chhote Sa’ab with him too. The latest one.
9. Remember I asked you last week to keep my formal suits out in the sun? I am pretty sure you haven’t done it. JUST DO IT!
10. Rest all ok!

I started reading that book you gave me. I couldn’t read it beyond the first chapter. Boring hai yaar, kaise padh lete ho tum log ye Harry Potter-Sharry Potter. Insead, I utilised my energy in finishing all seasons of the Game Of Thrones.

I know you hate driving, but keep my car in top shape in my absence. Hafte me ek baar ghuma laya kar usse 5-10 km ke liye. And don’t ever let your cousin borrow it. College students are not to be trusted these days… hawabaazi and all. Let him do whatever he wants, but not in/with my car.

Areee you know what! Yesterday I opened my trunk and decided to take out everything to clean it. I found five currency notes. Of Rs 1000! SHIT MAN! I don’t remember keeping it there, and now these bloody notes are banned. B****od Kya karoon ab inka? Bidi banake piyoon?

I should have cleaned that trunk years ago. I should listen to you more often. You are always right. I should pay more attention to my own stuff. I shouldn’t let my sahayak be in charge of everything — chal le. Tere saare dialogues meine hi bol diye. Khush? Hehehe!

Chal now, I will see if internet connectivity gets restored over the next couple of months. But it’s highly unlikely, CO ko makkhan lagana padega. Tab tak ke liye bye! I love you. And Chhote Sa’ab.

I hated missing you during previous field postings. And now there are two of you to miss! Grrrrr.

Rest all ok.

Love ❀

Major Sa’ab.


10 thoughts on “When Major Sa’ab wrote a letter to A Curious Army Wife and never posted it!”

  1. This letter was an absolute delight to read. Feelings are mutual on the separation part. (Since I not married yet)

    It brought a big smile on my face. Stay strong and keep smiling. More power to Major sa’ab and his lady love. ❀

  2. hahah pati k saath collab..achcha idea hai… thode paise usse bhi de dena, after all 5k kaa nuksan bhi toh jhela naa usne! baaki this letter is too cute…meri taraf se bhi ek hug dena when he finally comes home!
    this made me want to write a letter to you, but ofcourse thats a fleeting thought πŸ˜›

  3. I know my dad wrote similar letters to my mom in the past, where she’d read out the parts where he had mentioned us, and we would write back to him!
    Fauji life ❀️❀️

  4. Greetings ma’am πŸ’
    I am experiencing same scenarios… We get barely to no time at all … Cause he is under training period ,in the most Elite defence training academy, so I am being patient.
    Your blog really gives me thrills. Although I have been seeing this since birth, cause Papa bhi fauji … Ab yeh bhi . I am not married , but he is whom I want to get married to.
    P.S. We two don’t know each other in the morning , kyuki he is with his beloved that time … And I try not to be in between them. Our country that is .

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