Aman Grewal makes us Army wives proud

All army wives' whatsapp groups were abuzz with the big news on Octobr 21 with this fantastic news! Aman Grewal, a fellow army wife, was crowned Mrs India Worldwide 2014 and everyone was busy in praising this new beauty queen. A Curious Army Wife is proud of this 36-year-old mother of a nine-year-old (doesn't look like though) and… Continue reading Aman Grewal makes us Army wives proud


Eco-friendly Diwali ideas

Fauji Biwiyon, Let's take an oath this year to celebrate Diwali in the most eco-friendly manner. How you ask? Here's how - 1. SAY NO TO CRACKERS. We all are in love with the fresh air of our clean and green cantonment. How often have you woken up the day after Diwali and wondered what… Continue reading Eco-friendly Diwali ideas

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Protecting everyone!

This is a picture taken by Capt Sa'ab, who was recently out for a camp with a bunch of other faujis. The day they landed at the camp site they realised they had some unusual guests. Three kittens living in the barracks had accidently gotten themselves packed with the men's stuff! Well, needless to say,… Continue reading Protecting everyone!