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FAQ No 5: Kid’s schooling or keeping the family together?

Since I have no experience in dealing with a situation like this, I will request all readers to give their inputs. Many of you must have gone through something similar as well.



FAQ No.4 Want to marry my Lt Sa’ab

Time for readers to pour in some relationship advice. Here’s a young girl who wants to marry her Lt Sa’ab but her parents are not in favour of pyaar wala shaadi. Give her some strength guys!

FAQ paper - Copy

Some suggestions I received through Facebook –

FAQ4 fb

FAQ No.3 Am I wasting my time?

Hey everyone!

Got a mail from this young girl who is going through what every ‘working woman married to a fauji’ goes through!

Your advice can make her life easier… so help out please!


Have a look at what some helpful women had to say when I posted this in a Facebook group.


FAQ No.2: Leaving my job behind

Okay everyone! Help her out. We’ve all faced this problem sometime. FAQ 2

FAQ 1. Marrying an Ordnance Officer

QA1I received an email in which this question was asked. I was flattered of course, cause if I gave out an I-Know-It-All vibe then I don’t blame the poor gal for thinking that I am an expert.

Which I am not. So thought, why not post the question here, so that if any of you have similar questions, you can get experienced Army wives (and officers) to answer it.

Post your replies in the comments section. And I’ll make sure that the one who asked the question, reads your advise. 🙂 Got any question? Then mail it, I’ll get people to answer it next time. Pakka promise.

Check out the screenshot of answers received through Facebook below:


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