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FAQ No.4 Want to marry my Lt Sa’ab

Time for readers to pour in some relationship advice. Here’s a young girl who wants to marry her Lt Sa’ab but her parents are not in favour of pyaar wala shaadi. Give her some strength guys!

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12 thoughts on “FAQ No.4 Want to marry my Lt Sa’ab”

  1. I can only imagine what a difficult time you must be facing. I am no expert in relationships, but the fact that you trusted me enough to seek advice… I feel humbled.
    Many of my friends have faced a similar problem. The ones who stood their ground and convinced their parents are happily married now. The ones who couldn’t and had to marry the person of their parent’s choice are also doing well — but are not happy or satisfied with life.
    If you really feel that your Lt Sa’ab is THE ONE, then don’t give up. As far as I see, you can try some stunts here.. 😉 –

    1. Agree for arranged marriage. Tell your parents to start looking. Then request Lt Sa’ab’s parents to approach your family with his rishta. Reject a few guys before his rishta comes and then pretend that you like this match. Since you guys are of the same caste, it should not be a problem. Let your parents think they chose him for you.

    2. If you follow the above idea and still your parents reject him, or if you tell your parents directly and then they reject him…then don’t lose hope. Be strong. You are a modern, educated and open-minded woman. Fight if you think Lt Sa’ab is worth all the trouble. Tell your parents that corporate jobs are very insecure while govt jobs, especially defense jobs are very prestigious and have job security.

    3. If everything else fails… do not hesitate to elope. Hahaha yes, I know it is very unconventional for anyone to suggest that. But this is YOUR LIFE we are talking about. Don’t feel bad at taking bold and selfish decisions at least in this case.. you deserve a good and happy life.

    4. The only value-addition I can give as an Army wife is that I can assure you that your Lt Sa’ab’s friends, colleagues, CO, and th3 ladies of the unit will welcome you with open arms into the army fraternity. You can continue your career whenever you guys gets posted to peace locations. And once your parents see the kind of life you are leading after marriage, they might also warm up to their fauji jamai.

    All the best, I am sure your guy will help you in this matter.

    1. Really appreciable thoughts…few months back v were in d same position… But now v r a happy couple n soon to b planning to gt engaged.Me n ma Capt.Sa’ab😝
      Its all about trust in ur partner,faith in god n ur consistent efforts.

  2. Believe in your love and stick your ground.I am sure your parents will come around.I am a designer married to a fauji and am doing very well. I converted my Boutique into an online one and am getting the best of both worlds ! Bless you and your loved one .:-)

  3. Tell them being a fashion designer wedded to an olive green is the best profession one can have! You will be one of the best dressed ladies and can still work! I’m a lawyer who moved back to India to be with my man. I am stationed at one of the most forsicken places in India, and yet, I work. It’s just that you need to know how to look for a job. As per my advice on how to make your parents agree to your marriage, it’s up to you. You need to tell them that this man will make you happy and this is what you want. You know your parents best. All the best and hoping to meet you at some station someday!

  4. Relax gal..Night would b more beautiful than marrying a fauji..N really do not worry abt ur career or job…U will get everything..Just go wd ur heart.

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