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FAQ No 5: Kid’s schooling or keeping the family together?

Since I have no experience in dealing with a situation like this, I will request all readers to give their inputs. Many of you must have gone through something similar as well.




4 thoughts on “FAQ No 5: Kid’s schooling or keeping the family together?”

  1. Depends upon the place where your husband is posted to and the capabilities of your child. Gen it will be better to keep the family together unless the place is really small and has v little facilities. Most Army children I have seen who have stayed with the mother in places like Delhi have not performed well in examinations since at this juncture the child needs the presence of both parents for support esp if he/she has tendency to get distracted. The only exception to this would be in case your child is totally focussed and vbright in academics , he might benefit from the expert guidance/tuitions available in metro cities.

    1. Great advice. Thank you. Hope this helps everyone facing this situation. It is indeed tough being the only one looking after all domestic affairs. Hats off to the ladies who do it. And kudos to fathers who help at every junction in spite of distances.

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