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It’s raining Contests!

As promised, I am playing Santa this year for all my old and new readers!

The Facebook page of A Curious Army Wife  has been a busy place this month, with two contests having received encouraging response.

Gifts for Contest No.1 were sponsored by Pink Pitari, an online jewellery store run by army wife Gunjan Upadhyay Mishra.

Then came Contest No.2, where the winner won a signed copy of the book Soldier’s Girl, authored by army wife Swapnil Pandey. 

And now, get ready for Contest No.3, where you can win a cool hamper from udChalo.com (the favourite online air ticket booking site for all faujis these days).

More contests will happen soon. Keep showering your love people.



The blog turns 5, and I have only you to thank for it!

Note – Read till the end, because that’s where the asli masala is!

What started in October 2013 as a way to get out of boredom (read unemployment) has quickly turned into one of my prized possessions.

It took me a week to come up with the name ‘A Curious Army Wife’, after husband, aka Major Sa’ab vetoed ‘An Angry Army Wife’.

Every blogpost thereafter has been an attempt to chronicle our unique life. Yes, it’s tough, it’s exciting, it’s tense, and it’s nomadic…. which is why I have lots of stories to tell the world.

This blog brought me in touch with some amazing like-minded people, bloggers, authors and publications, who gave me the confidence to keep going.

My parents and in-laws gave me so much gyaan whenever there would be a couple of weeks’ gap between two posts, it felt like they were getting paid to pester me into writing more.

Officers and their wives (and girlfriends in some cases) showered me with “Ma’am amazing blog” dialogue which made me feel like a miniscule celebrity in my head. Unn sabko dher sara Ashirwaad.

And finally, my Major Sa’ab urf the person who checked, double checked and then checked once more each and every blogpost to make sure I don’t write anything to get him into trouble — he needs to be given due credit. Yeah, he would point out mistakes sometimes, but then no husband is perfect na.

He has also been my chalta firta fauji Google. So congratulations to you too Major Sa’ab, this blog is your baby too! You would want to give me a gift for this 5-year milestone na? Don’t worry, your debit card is with me, I’ll save you the trouble.

And now the asli masala part. Hee haw haww.

All my faithful readers will get a chance to win some specially curated giveaways and prizes in a series of contests that I plan to hold till the end of 2018. Don’t ask me the schedule, because I don’t know.

Stay tuned, like my Facebook page and keep coming back here as always!

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