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No 4G for Fauji. Only Parle G!

No 4g shoG for Fauji!

When the Curious Army Wife doesn’t get her prescribed dose of phone calls, she resorts to making mean memes of Major Sa’ab.


What do you do when your man is out of network or just doesn’t call fyou for weeks at end?

Thank you readers!


Salute the Veer Nari

Veer Nari The woman who sacrificed her better half for your better future(1)

In case you are a new bride or someone who is not from the Army fraternity (but were kind enough to stop by here to read this blog), Veer Nari is the name given to a war widow in India.

She is officially defined as “The widow of defence personnel who has laid down his life for the defence of the country whether in war or in a military operation and whose death is attributable to the military service is called ‘Veer Nari’.”

Take a moment to understand the pain of a woman who married a soldier but lost him in the line of duty. Their courage and hardships seldom get mentioned.

PS: Know a Veer Nari whose story the world should know about? Drop in a mail (my email id is in the ABOUT section of the blog) and let me know how to get in touch.

J&K, Andamans…. been there, done that!

Happy Army Day everyone!

I hope more young men and women realise what a challenging and noble profession this is, and join the Indian Armed Forces.

Let us take a moment to salute our men in olive greens who don’t always get the luxury of sitting in an AC room, or having ghar ki roti, or attending their kids’ PTA, or going to a movie, or staying with their families…

But hey! It’s Army Day today. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a fultoo-serious affair. So, here’s my small attempt to bring a smile on your faces, appreciating the brighter side of life!

Two places a fauji always visits(1)

Experiencing it first hand!

A Curious Army Wife blog

Kamar kass ke!

Innovation is the mother of.....

This should be a part of life hacks lessons. ‘

So there we were, dancing at the IMA Ball in Dehradun, where future officers training at the Indian Military Academy have a gala time before military service beckons, and this strange thing caught my eye.

I wish I had taken a better picture. But there is only so much I can do with a normal camera phone that refuses to click decent pics in low light.

All the Gentlemen Cadets (better known as GC) were dressed in their muftis, a dress code set for such fun events in the Indian Army. Their ball partners were dressed in some of the most stylish western outfits fashioned out of a one metre cloth (of course I am exaggerating, it’s my blog after all :P).

The ball party had just started off and there was this group of young girls and GCs dancing in front of us. Suddenly I realised that the kamar-band of this GC’s uniform looked a little odd. I normally do not go closer to take a look of what is hanging off a person’s belt, but in this case I had to, cause (a) it was dark and (b) I had left my glasses at home.

There was this sparkly-sequency-golden clutch purse securely held by the GCs kamar-band. His partner would obviously have thought it would be cool to get this clutch but must have realised what a pain it is to handle it while dancing. So I am guessing our GC gulped down a glass of chivalry and offered to get rid of this object in this unique fashion,

Unique my foot. My awe for his innovative idea evaporated the moment I spotted around 10-12 more GCs with a clutch purse snuck in their kamar-bands. Aah, so even they wanted the purse out of their way, it seems. 🙂

A Curious Army Wife finds her way into the Fauji India pages!

Reaching a wider set of readers is always a dream and a struggle. But this hard-hitting magazine Fauji India made this a little easy for me and gave the Curious Army Wife some precious space in their 82-page May issue!

Cool isn't it! A Curious Army Wife writes in the May issue of Fauji India magazine.

Cool isn’t it! A Curious Army Wife writes in the May issue of Fauji India magazine.

I’ve only gone through the April and May issues so far, and I feel the stories they carry smell of some serious journalism (let me tell you that fauj and journalism are rarely a good combination).

I am going to take up the yearly subscription soon (just Rs 1,000) and personally feel it is a great way for us fauji wives to keep ourselves aware of some of the issues of this organisation.


Check out their facebook page and blog too, in case you need some convincing.

Major Sa’ab!


This December, Capt Sa’ab was promoted to the rank of Major, which meant two things — a kickass party at home and his promotion at ACuriousArmyWife blog as well.

I got this four pound camo-print cake made for him with words ‘Sala mein Major Sa’ab ban gaya‘ on it (a spin on the bollywood song ‘sala mein toh sahab ban gaya‘). But the aforementioned kickass party kicked ass alright, as two other Majors who had had a little too much to drink, attempted to smash that cake on my husband’s face but missed and smashed it on my living room floor instead. Sigh! My maid was visibly shaken the next morning when she saw the mess she had to clean.

Everyone was congratulating me as well for my husband’s new rank, though I wanted to tell them I had abolutely no role to play in it. Indian Army has a time-based promotion system, and that is how after six years of military service, my husband was promoted to the rank of Major.

And so, from this day onwards, he will be referred to as Major Sa’ab in all my blog posts here at http://www.acuriousarmywife.com. Yes, he got promoted here too. 🙂

Protecting everyone!


This is a picture taken by Capt Sa’ab, who was recently out for a camp with a bunch of other faujis. The day they landed at the camp site they realised they had some unusual guests. Three kittens living in the barracks had accidently gotten themselves packed with the men’s stuff! Well, needless to say, the men were given orders to feed them and keep them safe.

Now anyone who has had even a day’s experience with cats will tell you that CATS DON’T TAKE ORDERS. Period. You tell them to eat this, stay there, sit here, walk there, sleep now, wake up later… they will simply ignore you and do whatever they want to. So the men found it very difficult to keep them in the campsite, just in case the officers came to check!

Needless to say, the men managed to get all of them back at the end of their week-long camp. Mama Kitty, you owe the men in olive greens big time!

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