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No 4G for Fauji. Only Parle G!

When the Curious Army Wife doesn't get her prescribed dose of phone calls, she resorts to making mean memes of Major Sa'ab. Sigh! What do you do when your man is out of network or just doesn't call fyou for weeks at end?

Photos and memes

J&K, Andamans…. been there, done that!

Happy Army Day everyone! I hope more young men and women realise what a challenging and noble profession this is, and join the Indian Armed Forces. Let us take a moment to salute our men in olive greens who don't always get the luxury of sitting in an AC room, or having ghar ki roti,… Continue reading J&K, Andamans…. been there, done that!

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Kamar kass ke!

So there we were, dancing at the IMA Ball in Dehradun, where future officers training at the Indian Military Academy have a gala time before military service beckons, and this strange thing caught my eye. I wish I had taken a better picture. But there is only so much I can do with a normal… Continue reading Kamar kass ke!

Photos and memes

A Curious Army Wife finds her way into the Fauji India pages!

Reaching a wider set of readers is always a dream and a struggle. But this hard-hitting magazine Fauji India made this a little easy for me andĀ gave the Curious Army Wife some precious space in their 82-page May issue! I've only gone through the April and May issues so far, and I feel the stories… Continue reading A Curious Army Wife finds her way into the Fauji India pages!

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Protecting everyone!

This is a picture taken by Capt Sa'ab, who was recently out for a camp with a bunch of other faujis. The day they landed at the camp site they realised they had some unusual guests. Three kittens living in the barracks had accidently gotten themselves packed with the men's stuff! Well, needless to say,… Continue reading Protecting everyone!