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Salute the Veer Nari

Veer Nari The woman who sacrificed her better half for your better future(1)

In case you are a new bride or someone who is not from the Army fraternity (but were kind enough to stop by here to read this blog), Veer Nari is the name given to a war widow in India.

She is officially defined as “The widow of defence personnel who has laid down his life for the defence of the country whether in war or in a military operation and whose death is attributable to the military service is called ‘Veer Nari’.”

Take a moment to understand the pain of a woman who married a soldier but lost him in the line of duty. Their courage and hardships seldom get mentioned.

PS: Know a Veer Nari whose story the world should know about? Drop in a mail (my email id is in the ABOUT section of the blog) and let me know how to get in touch.


1 thought on “Salute the Veer Nari”

  1. ‘Veer Nari’ should be for ALL the widows of the Services. The hardships in raising the family when her husband is on the borders, staying in places most civilians will never know that it place existed, cooking whatever is available, sacrificed the modern pleasures like malls, restaurants etc etc most of the time.

    Ati Veer Nari is for a lady when her husband passes away in uniform.

    And Prarm Veer Nari for those whose husband lays down life in operations!

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