Hilarious letter by officer seeking permission for a Zoom shaadi during the Coronavirus lockdown

Who said sense of humour is grossly unappreciated in fauj?

Here’s a fwd that I received today, a letter written by an officer to his commanding officer, asking for permission to marry his sweetheart (khud ki I mean, not the commanding officer’s).

Love in the times of corona? Yes

Wit and humour in the face of impending danger? Yes

And an equally witty answer from the boss? Oh that’s gold!

I have no way of checking its authenticity. I have coloured over certain parts of the letter, because I simply cannot waste time in confirming it (the maid is on leave, please understand).

But I will leave you to enjoy this letter written by the officer and the sensastional reply from the boss!

Shaadi karne do sir.
Ja kar le beta. Kab tak billi khair manayegi.

Whoever leaked this letter, I want to thank them. No other leakage in our dingy or brand new houses — impossible to repair by MES — has ever given so much joy during the COVID-19 pandemic as this communication has.

Stay home. Stay safe. Stay married.


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