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No 4G for Fauji. Only Parle G!

No 4g shoG for Fauji!

When the Curious Army Wife doesn’t get her prescribed dose of phone calls, she resorts to making mean memes of Major Sa’ab.


What do you do when your man is out of network or just doesn’t call fyou for weeks at end?


11 thoughts on “No 4G for Fauji. Only Parle G!”

  1. When my Lt sa’ab doesn’t call me back or is always busy, there’s a tornado waiting for him when he finally calls (and he knows it) but it takes just a few sweet “I love you’s” and a few chocolate bars and a sweet letter to calm me down. 👾

    Love your blog , have been following it for a while and you have a quite refreshing style of writing. 💖

  2. Sometyms I feel dt he gt engaged to hs phn nt wd me…after all.difficulties whn I gt a chance to talk to him then only hs sir/Ma’am z wd hm.

  3. Dude .Did you really REALLY make a meme of his original picture. I will always take inspiration from this in future. You have set a standard on how to mildly annoying husbands..

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