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Major Sa’ab!


This December, Capt Sa’ab was promoted to the rank of Major, which meant two things — a kickass party at home and his promotion at ACuriousArmyWife blog as well.

I got this four pound camo-print cake made for him with words ‘Sala mein Major Sa’ab ban gaya‘ on it (a spin on the bollywood song ‘sala mein toh sahab ban gaya‘). But the aforementioned kickass party kicked ass alright, as two other Majors who had had a little too much to drink, attempted to smash that cake on my husband’s face but missed and smashed it on my living room floor instead. Sigh! My maid was visibly shaken the next morning when she saw the mess she had to clean.

Everyone was congratulating me as well for my husband’s new rank, though I wanted to tell them I had abolutely no role to play in it. Indian Army has a time-based promotion system, and that is how after six years of military service, my husband was promoted to the rank of Major.

And so, from this day onwards, he will be referred to as Major Sa’ab in all my blog posts here at Yes, he got promoted here too. šŸ™‚


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