Camouflage and Humour: ‘Go to hell’

In the army, even if you declare that you are going to ‘HELL’, you will not be at peace. Cos the next day…

CO: Are you taking your wife along?

2IC: Get some glasses for mess.

QM: Do you require accn, warrant, LRC?

Adjt: Take some packed lunch.

Wife: Why only you?There are other officers in unit also?

Head clerk: Your movement order and LRC shahib.

Bachelors: Get some good movies while coming back.

Married Officers: Achi tarah se liaison karke ana pata nahi kal hum mein se kisi ko jana pade.

Sr JCO: Badiya karna sahib.

CHM: Banda sath mein bhej deta hu sahab.

Sahayak: Saab ek botal rakh diya hai agar seat nahi mila to. (In train)

Civil frnds: Yaar, tum army walo ki aish hai, pata nahi kaha kaha ghoomte rehte ho!


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