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FAQ 1. Marrying an Ordnance Officer

QA1I received an email in which this question was asked. I was flattered of course, cause if I gave out an I-Know-It-All vibe then I don’t blame the poor gal for thinking that I am an expert.

Which I am not. So thought, why not post the question here, so that if any of you have similar questions, you can get experienced Army wives (and officers) to answer it.

Post your replies in the comments section. And I’ll make sure that the one who asked the question, reads your advise. 🙂 Got any question? Then mail it, I’ll get people to answer it next time. Pakka promise.

Check out the screenshot of answers received through Facebook below:



6 thoughts on “FAQ 1. Marrying an Ordnance Officer”

  1. Congratulations on your impending marriage to a fauji. And your concerns are quite valid, so don’t worry, you are not the first civilian who’s feeling nervous about life in Army.
    I cannot claim to be an expert on Army lifestyle, especially artillery or Ordnance. But from what my husband tells me, even ordnance officer’s have this cycle of field-peace postings, usually 2 years each.
    Be prepared to stay away from your husband for months, because that is how it is for us all. Take up a career which would keep you busy during those months.

    Isse zyada aur kya bataun? Ummm… buy a lot of stylish sarees because you will need it in army functions. And the first initial months, identify a woman among other officer’s wives who are posted with you who will guide you properly in the army culture.
    Oh and one more thing, ask your husband lots of questions… about everything.
    Also, if you can understand beforehand that your husband’s sahayak is not your servant and that he is not supposed to do household work, then it would be a great help to everyone. Many army officers’ wives often forget this and ask the soldier to do work that we all can easily do ourselves.

  2. Always, ALWAYS – ALWAYS – expect the unexpected – and relax and look forward to a life of pure, unadulterated happiness at the thought of being a part of THE FIRST FAMILY OF THE COUNTRY

  3. Please tell your would be husband to get you the book in which all that is expected of a lady wife is written.This book must be in the unit or Officers Mess library.Its compiled by ARTAC

  4. Wedded to Olive Green is just a rule book sort of thing. You can hardly follow a thing. But remember to follow these things when you reach your unit:
    1. Observe others and be courteous
    2. Don’t display your talents all in one go. Or else you will be sort out for every thing.
    3. Be nice to your CO’s wife. Throw house warming party but just don’t expect to become the best of friends with her.
    4. Don’t gossip about any lady. She will pass the gossip abt you later.
    5. Carry lot of formal wear like sarees and suits. Keep your shorts for your husband and don’t roman around in them in front of your help.
    6. You will also get a lot of good postings (since your husband is in ordinance) and maybe one field posting.
    7. Use all the facilities like gym and pool.
    8. Use surnames for your senior offers wives. It shows respect.
    9. And don’t show off your qualifications. Although they appreciate, most of the army wives are housewives and they will mostly get jealous.
    10. There will be TDs (temporary duties) and even if you are left alone at home, don’t crib abt it.
    And enjoy being an army wife. It’s an honour and you are going to rock being a wife!

    1. Hey! Love the pointers! Especially No.2 and No.9 :P. I think our young lady here will be delighted to know that there are fewer field postings coming her way! 🙂 Thank you for taking time out to write this detailed reply…., can I tempt you to answer FAQ No.2 too? Posted it just yesterday.

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