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Letter written by Major’s wife about the AWWA fashion show fiasco

Here is a copy of the letter which Vidhya A Karajagi wrote to the Army Commander of South Western Command, raising some tough questions when she was lectured by her Husband’s CO and the Brigade Commander for not attending a fashion show rehearsal. All because she didn’t want to leave her kids alone at home for 2-3 hours.

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13 thoughts on “Letter written by Major’s wife about the AWWA fashion show fiasco”

  1. Dear Blog Owner,
    I am not an army wife; in fact I am a male visitor to the blog which I found interesting. Just one thought struck me. In the letter posted on the blog, you have covered up the name of the lady who wrote the letter but left all other names open to public view. Do you believe this to be correct form? Both parties should be treated equally else it appears as if one is laying open accusations from a cover of anonymity. While her name is there on the blog post (in the first line in fact), yet the issue rankles.

    1. Hi Harri, all visitors are welcome here, male and female :).
      About the letter, there was little I could do since it was like this when I got hold of it. We knew the name of the lady and officer concerned, so all I had to do was check whether the letter is authentic. Once that was done, I wrote the name of the lady in my blog post… that was the only way I could balance it.

  2. Hi… I’m a medical student & dating an army cadet since 4 years now.. And we’re very happy in our relationship.I’m a civilian & have no clue about what it will be like,to be an army wife thank you for this blog! I keep reading about AWWA and the compulsory Ladies’ meets & parties and that its mandatory for all army wives to participate/contribute for them/attend them. We’ll get married in 2-3 years and I wish to work after marriage. Being in the medical field,I will have a lot of responsibilities w.r.t my duties as a doctor. Will marriage force me to stop working to fulfill my duties as an army wife? 😦

    1. Hi Neha, I have some great news for you. The only two professions which do not get affected by the place of your husband’s postings are that of teacher and doctor. Even remote places have schools and hospital, so you should be fine on career-front. Prioritise your life… on a particular day decide where you are needed the most and for what reason. πŸ™‚ That’s just my suggestion. Don’t worry about the future so much, it’s gonna be all rosy when your partner is with you. πŸ˜‰

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  4. Hi, I’m glad that the lady and the officer had the courage to stand up to this practice. I’m the daughter of an army officer, and have always said in the fauj they make the two of you work (spouses) and pay you for one. Aside from that, the fact that children are many times left alone and locked in the house (ofcourse once they are old enough to be locked up). Other times there is the bhaiya taking care of the kids; there are hardly any officers and ladies with family support (parents) to look after the kids. And worst is that leaving your kids alone exposes them to a number of risks, of which one I can personally speak of is sexual exploitation in the hands of the help you leave them with. Is it not enough that the officer has fought a couple of wars, doesn’t get to live with the family almost half of his service life. Why should the children have to suffer this?

  5. Can i get this couple’s email id or phone numbers on my email account? Need to discuss a similar case

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