First packing experience. What a pain!

Though we hate the way our houses smell in the monsoon, there is still no builder in India who can match this amazing view from an Army quarter's balcony.
Though we hate the way our houses smell in the monsoon, there is still no builder in India who can match this amazing view from an Army quarter’s balcony.

And I am back… ūüôā

Not that I was missed, I know. But it still feels great to write “I am back”, for purely selfish reasons with which I won’t bore you.

So it’s been almost two months that I haven’t written anything. I was caught up in the cycle of dining outs – friendly dinners – packing – loading trucks –¬†saying goodbyes – crying¬†my eyes out – travelling – waiting for the bloody trucks – unloading – unpacking – setting¬†up¬†a new house – blah blah.

This entire cycle is what a seasoned Army wife usually gets used to after a couple of postings. But I was new to this whole process and it was freaky to say the least. I am glad it is over.

The day we¬†finally saw the MES guy put locks on the house (quarter in sarkari and fauji lingo),¬†we¬†had¬†moved in with¬†Major Sa’ab’s coursemate and his wife¬†in the same Cantt for two days. As my friend and I were enjoying the drizzle and drinking tea on the balcony, we saw a Dhai-Ton (colloquial for the two-and-half tons capacity¬†Army trucks) pull¬†up in the block.

Two fit jawans¬†quickly started unloading stuff from the truck…aah…so another family was moving in. It was not my house, but still I felt a sense of possessiveness¬†about it.¬†How soon we all get attached to the leaky, dingy and¬†ancient Army quarters¬†was the first thing that dawned on me. Army wives have this incredible knack for¬†accepting any house with open arms and making¬†it their own for the next two weeks (or two months or two years…whatever).

This first packing-moving experience¬†has taught us (Major Sa’ab and I)¬†a lot¬†but I still know that our second time is going to be equally chaotic. I just know it. Don’t ask me how ūüôā .


7 thoughts on “First packing experience. What a pain!”

  1. Ahh..glad to see you back. And you were missed honey! left me wondering when I will see you here. Nice write up, I have moved a couple of times and trust me, it is always chaotic. Cheers!

  2. Ah so you guys didn’t fight over who takes more space & who carries junk.

    Experiencing new house blues these days.


      1. It is straight from your heart! cannot go wrong at any place! Many more such experiences to you :p

  3. Hello maam
    I just saw the link of ur blog @ a fauji community on fb….it was related to the lingo one you have written ma’am…. N believe me I am doubly sure that I am going to b an avid reader of your blog ….yu write very beautifully
    ….it ol felt like it was happenin in front of ….. Awesum to read ur experiences ma’am….:) ūüôā

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