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*Guest Post* The Unsung Heroes: Indian Army Wives

Sharing a beautiful post written by a blogger whom I immensely admire for her varied skill-set. Gunjan Upadhyay Mishra, a fellow Army wife and writer, has knocked it out of the park for a six with this piece.... THE UNSUNG HEROS: INDIAN ARMY WIVES Once, Yama, the ruler of hell, heard a large group of women… Continue reading *Guest Post* The Unsung Heroes: Indian Army Wives

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Kissa Adjutant ki kursi ka!

The impact of my Major Sa'ab's announcement that he would soon be on the adjutant's chair can be accurately compared to that of an iceberg hitting the Titanic. This blog post by A Curious Army Wife is dedicated to the wives of those adjutants, who live a life worthy of a field allowance even during… Continue reading Kissa Adjutant ki kursi ka!

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When Army wives start using fauji lingo… Part 2

After the first part of When Army wives start using fauji lingo (Part 1, read here) was published, I got some useful feedback from Major Sa'ab. He also suggested that I ask other Army wives to contribute the words they use regularly. I asked around on Facebook and found some more such words, which meant… Continue reading When Army wives start using fauji lingo… Part 2

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Attack of the Saree Brigade

Yesterday, I came across an article in Hindustan Times about two women in Bangalore starting off a saree revolution of sorts by pledging to wear at least 100 sarees this year. After reading it, I felt happy and optimistic -- so there are people like me who love wearing sarees! So there are people who… Continue reading Attack of the Saree Brigade

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The curious syndrome of vanishing careers

In love with an Army man? Badhaiyaan ji badhaiyaan! In love with your career too? Good for you. Until. Until the time comes for you to bid one of the two a tearful goodbye, hopefully temporarily. Two of the blog readers asked me what to do of their lucrative careers when they marry their fauji… Continue reading The curious syndrome of vanishing careers

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Discounts for faujis at ClickOnCare

Faujis love discounts! I don't have to look very far to prove my point, as there is a CSD canteen just round the corner in my cantonment. For my civilian friends who might not get what CSD is, it is the military "Canteen" which sells all that we need at a cheaper rates. I just found out about this… Continue reading Discounts for faujis at ClickOnCare

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You know you are in a fauji home when…

Every Army wife takes her home décor very seriously (I doubt Mr Modi takes running the country that seriously) and would not rest until she is satisfied that her nest is unique in every way. In spite of that, there are a few things which every fauji house will have. You know you are in a fauji home… Continue reading You know you are in a fauji home when…