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Discounts for faujis at ClickOnCare

Faujis love discounts! I don’t have to look very far to prove my point, as there is a CSD canteen just round the corner in my cantonment. For my civilian friends who might not get what CSD is, it is the military “Canteen” which sells all that we need at a cheaper rates. I just found out about this online portal which gives discounts to people of Armed Forces, so thought why not shout it out to the world (issued in public interest).. 😉

Groceries, dinner sets, electronic items, even vehicles, are sold at discounted prices to all Defence personnel in India. But I am curious (if it wasn’t already evident from my blog title), do we look for deals while shopping online also? I asked some fellow Army wives and I found that it largely depends on where you are stationed at the moment.

If it is a big city, then chances are that the markets would be full of all kinds of branded/non-branded stuff and one would have the choice of buying it anytime. So if there is a snappy-deal (pun not intended) somewhere on an online portal, then city dwellers are more likely to turn to that option.

But hey, don’t forget…one of the charms (read side-effects) of being married to an Army officer is that you get to live in some pretty exotic locations (more like remote areas of the country). Stylish divas that all Army wives are, it becomes a task to satisfy their shopping cravings and that is when, deals or no deals, online shopping becomes the way out.

Though I was a hardcore online shopper till the time I was working fulltime, I became extra cautious after moving to a small town with Major Sa’ab as I didn’t want him to go through the trauma of having a spendthrift wife.

Coming back to point… I recently came across this unique portal ClickOnCare, which sells fitness, healthcare and cosmetic products which are not easily available. I couldn’t believe that they have some pretty cool discounts for people from Armed Forces! Isn’t that just what we were looking for?

Apparently, this unique scheme at ClickOnCare is the brainchild of its founder and CEO Akshat Malik, who is also an Army brat. Million thanks to him, more so because now many healthcare products, personal care, baby care, sports and fitness products are available just a click away for us faujis. How can an Army wife say no to such deals, hanh!

Use the coupon codes to avail these discounts.
Use the coupon codes to avail these discounts.

Worry not if you are at some remote location of the country, they promise to deliver it to your doorstep thanks to the Indian Postal Service. Their packaging looks sturdy to me, so I wouldn’t worry about damages to the parcel. And don’t even think of acting smart, because they have people to verify your claim of being a fauji/family, so imposters beware.

There were a couple of products here at ClickOnCare that caught my fancy.

  • Every time I move to a new military station, the change in weather and water causes a lot of hairfall. Add to cart – Hair products.
  • Every time I run have to run to that small shop kilometres away for my contact lens solution, I curse my eyesight. Add to cart – lens solution.
  • Every time I need some personal care items which every woman uses these days, but sadly shopkeepers in small towns rarely stock up on, I wish someone in heavens was seeing my plight. Add to cart – Sanitary napkins, intimate care and panty liners.
  • Every time I feel like taking care of my fitness, I put off going to the gym because I don’t have proper clothes or equipment. Add to cart – gym clothes (women) and yoga mat.
  • Every time my grandparents come to visit us, I wish I could make their stay at my place more comfortable. Add to cart – Walking stick and commode seat.
  • Every time a lady staying in SF complains about not getting time to pick up new diapers and other baby supplies for her new born, I wish there was an easier way for me to help the lady. Add to cart – Diapers and Baby food supplements.
  • And finally every time Major Sa’ab vows to improve his fitness ahead of an important tournament or a BPET run, I worry whether his diet is complementing his rigorous workout. Add to cart – Sports nutrition supplements.

Moral of the story: I shopped online for ‘important’ stuff. I am a happy woman. I availed fauji discount on ClickonCare. Major Sa’ab is a happy man. And we lived happily ever after.


8 thoughts on “Discounts for faujis at ClickOnCare”

  1. Discounts come naturally to us. Never do I remember that my mom bought her groceries from outside other than Station canteen and Sabhji Gaadi..

  2. Shopped a lot from this website previously.. always got some freebies in form of samples, etc..
    will certainly use their coupons now..
    So, any expiry on the use of the coupons?

      1. Experience has been excellent. Discreet Packaging is what worried me with my 1st haul for my personal care products as most of the online sites have either the product name OR product bill on the outside of the box – luckily did not have anything like that.
        I shall be doing my next purchase by end of this month and hopefully will use these coupon codes. Will post my reviews on the coupon experience :p

  3. The womenly stuff .if you are unable to source.try to search about being juliet.this person sends box loaded with personal vre products needed during natural process that happens during that time of the get i want to delete the message but i will click post

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