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FAQ No.2: Leaving my job behind

Okay everyone! Help her out. We’ve all faced this problem sometime. FAQ 2


14 thoughts on “FAQ No.2: Leaving my job behind”

  1. Falling in love with an Infantry guy, it went unsaid that I would have to leave a promising job to be by his side. It was an unquestioned decision but a hard one to make nonetheless. However, being an engineering research graduate ( Biotechnology) left me with very less opportunity to have a career in my core field. The only regret I had was that it would have been better if I had done my degrees in C.S. or I.T. as they have myriad online work options.
    For software engineers, there is no dearth of employment. There are plethora of options which can be explored even by working from home. You can start your own small software outsourcing company. You can join a start-up (there are many out there) who encourage work from your own location concept, and can work for software or mobile app designing from home.
    Designing website is another creative option. You can join a number of technical websites which hosts and maintain other websites. Nowadays, MNCs have started the concept of work from home.
    Just don’t lose hope. Figure out something as per your interest and start on that.

    Best wishes for your endeavour.

  2. First things, first! You are not alone and, most of us have gone through it. So, cheers to the sisterhood we all share in this aspect. I too am a software engineer. However, I quit the job because I fell in love with writing and teaching. Of course, there is a momentary phase of regret that is infused and fueled by everyone around, who doubt your sanity and question the decisions you make in life. But then, at the end of the day, it all comes down to that one question, “What makes your soul happy?” I found my happiness in what I chose.

    Now, that you are a software engineer, you can try the work from home gig that many MNCs are providing with, these days. Also, pursuing hobbies is a great idea. The sabbatical I took after bidding adieu to the IT industry, helped me gain a perspective. I learned playing keyboard, read a lot of books, freelanced in the field of writing and at the same time, enrolled in courses that honed my writing skills (as I do not have a mass com degree), spent time exploring my culinary skills (I have to say, when I started with cooking, I never enjoyed it much. But now, I just love to!) and, there is so much you can still do. And yes, there is the blogging mania! It is therapeutic!

    So, I would say – Give yourself some time. Figure out what works best for you. If you really love the job you quit and feel that desperate need to join back, then it is a matter of choice you have to live with. So, whatever decision you take, may it be ruled by your instinct rather than impulse. Good luck, girl!!

  3. Now kudos to you if you left your high paying job to be with a fuji. But what not think it that way that you can take a break from all those deadlines (and i am sure there must be a boss sitting over your head) and enjoy the quaint life of the village. Think about things you always wanted to do if you were not working, maybe plan a holiday, bonus is that a fuji gets a 2 month leave, pus 20 days casual leave. So you can plan a holiday abroad too since you must have a great lot of savings too. And if things really don’t fall into place, think about joining back, but that would mean, living a life of a forced bachelor and money really doesn’t mean everything in the world now, is it?
    Connect with other ladies as well. Maybe you can learn from other people’s perspective.

  4. I am going through the same thing. I am a biomedical engineer and I had to leave an awesome job when I married my army husband and moved away. It was/is really hard. We are in a small town too and I have felt awful about myself for not having a job to go to every day and feeling like I have a purpose. We have been here for a little over 2 months and I still haven’t had any luck with jobs… I know this isn’t much help… But I am glad to see I am not the only one struggling with this.

  5. I guess this is one dilemma every one of us goes through….
    What to do?how to convince oneself to quit ?
    As someone soon to be married to a fauji…I have a big fear in my head…what if I not able to find a good job after I quit.
    It aint easy…..but something that Anamika had mentioned on her blog in one of the posts gives me perspective…
    Choose what would give you sleepless nights if you didn’t have….

    I will be marrying my Fauji in few months….still there are times when I get upset thinking….what will I do…how will I find a job in a small town…..but then I am going to be an army wife and who said its easy.

  6. Don’t leave ur job. its not worth it. Especially in the long run.
    Make sure you get another one maybe in the same company or any other as WFH

  7. Hello There!!!
    There so much to do !.. I guess in all engg streams ..this one the most flexible.. I struggled through same thought and i knoe how hard this cud be..changing environment..the dressing so well ..polished offices .. Happiness of the salary credited.. And most impotently where u address ppl with first name .Now things are exactly opposite but think this as an opportunity.. U r free bird now.. U can go for freelancing.. Train ppl on technology ..and i dont mean as school teacher but thr so many site whr u can enroll and take classes …u can also go for the 2 -3 distant grad programs..oh cmon tht cud be a good value addition.. Just remember 2 things.. 1) U r a fauji wife.. And all this id worth to be with him 2) Never give hopes..not on job tht easily !

    To Vipula – i know dearie how things will change and babes m with u..and glad tht u r finally close to things to do before entering wedlock 🙂

    To Samiam – hi! So u r a biomedical engg and tht shud be wow since healthcare is like always a boom.have u thought of any course on validations..gamp5 document ? tht can help u to grab job in both service and healthcare industry.Do give a thought

  8. I am a Software Engineer , I am liking a Fauji ( Lt Col Saab) .He has confessed his feelings .I am worried to get committed him reason being 1) I am working abroad 2) We got to know each other online , meet only once .3) Its very difficult for me to leave my job ( I am ready to come back to India for him , but want to know if I do Work from Home software jobs without any problem ?.And finally .how is it be a Wife of Lt Col?????

    Can someone please shed some lights on my questions

    1. Have you met? Are you sure of his credentials? Too many frauds out there, so please please please be extra careful if you haven’t met him yet. But as for the work from home part, I don’t think you would have any problems if your company or your work profile allows it. Life as Lt Col will be different from anything you have ever experienced. A) life in fauj itself is so different, that those getting married to Maj and Capts too take time to adjust. B) Lt Col is a senior rank, the folks around you would expect you to learn the tricks of the trade in the shortest possible time since you will too have a few responsibilities (some good, some useless). But you will have people to help you adjust, so chill and enjoy!

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