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Asha School student Laxmi excels in Special Olympics

Kudos to Laxmi Kumari, who won medals for India in Special Olympics recently. FYI, she is a product of the Asha Special Children School, which is run by the Indian Army (or is it AWWA?). I am so proud of her.

I also made a mental note to encourage someone to follow in her footsteps if I ever visit any Asha school. I’ve pasted the news piece from Assam Tribune that appeared on August 6, 2015 below. (I think they have used the PTI press release).

Waiting to know more about Laxmi and many more from Asha Schools who are doing well in their field. Bravo Laxmi!


Assam Tribune

City girl shines in Special Olympics

GUWAHATI, Aug 6 – Laxmi Kumari, a student of Asha Special Children School, Narangi Cantonment here won one gold medal in soft ball and one silver medal in the 50-metre race in the Special Olympics World Summer Games, held in Los Angeles, USA from July 20 to August 2.

She was given a grand welcome at the Lokapriya Gopinath Bardoloi International Airport here by her fans and admirers when she arrived in the city today. This was stated in a press release. Laxmi Kumari joined the special school, run by the Army, at the age of seven with mild mental retardation and spinal disabilities. But with her sheer grit and determination and the efforts of the school, she not only started normal physical activities, but also keenly participated in various sports events.

In the past, she has won a gold medal in badminton singles, one silver medal in badminton doubles and one silver medal in badminton mixed doubles in the Special Olympics held in New Castle, Australia in December 2013.

She also won one gold medal in badminton singles and one silver medal in badminton mixed doubles in the National Championship of Special Olympic Bharat held in Mumbai in July 2014.

Army to delink itself from AWWA

HT Awwa rewampI somehow missed this piece of news, which was published almost along the same time as the ‘Vidhya Karajagi Fashion Show Fiasco’ (Read more about it here). Just as I was going through Hindustan Times’ archives, I found this clipping and trust me, for a moment, it seemed surreal.

This cannot be happening! Not that I am not in favour of everything mentioned in this news report, it’s just that I find it really hard to believe that anyone in Army will take this seriously. Is it even practically possible?

The report  reeks of frustration faced by serving Army officers caught up with AWWA (Army Wives Welfare Association) activities, when they can be doing something more productive, something that we were recruited to do in the first place.

I am curious! It has been more than one month since this report was published. Assuming this has been implemented immediately, I wonder how many officers have still been associated with AWWA work (voluntarily or otherwise). And only Army wives across India can tell us that.

By the way dear Army wives, how well do you know AWWA, apart from its full form?

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