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Termite trouble

UNESCO should declare all fauji accommodations as World Heritage sites. It’s actually a miracle that these houses are still standing, considering some of them are extremely poor in the quality of their construction.

Since these houses are mostly in jungle-like areas with lush greenery, problems like insects and termites are common. I am currently at the receiving end of a termite attack. Tiny needle holes in the walls would spring up a termite highway which, I have to give it to those termites, grow at an alarming rate.

I thought I should share the perfect fool-proof method of getting rid of them. We tried anti-termite medicines, sprays, blocking those holes with m-seal… nothing’s ever worked. What did work eventually was the cockroach spray HIT.

We sprayed a generous amount on a hole in the floor by accident as there was a cockroach right next to it. And Captain sa’ab realised it a couple of weeks later that no termites have surfaced from that hole.

We sprayed HIT everywhere, like a maniac, on all walls with termite openings. It did bring out a lot of hidden cockroaches, so ek teer se do nishaan! It has been 3 months, and our house has been termite free. Yay!

Got any more dhaasu ideas? Share it with us here. We’ll thank you one day, when we accidently bump into each other at a ladies meet 😉


2 thoughts on “Termite trouble”

  1. your articles are really cool, can visualise every bit of it as going through the same phase :)… keep writing :D.

    P.S thanks for giving me the idea to end termites have been dealing with them since shifted to the new place 😉

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