National integration in home decor

A keen sense of home decor is a very unique trait of an Army wife. Almost all of them have impeccable taste and it reflects on the way they maintain the living room and the dining area.

All fauji accommodations are roughly of the same design and area throughout the country. Only the space increases as your husband picks up ranks and so it gives a lady a lot of time to collect items to decorate.

It is said that a quick look around the living room can tell you all the stations the family has been posted to. A typical Army house would have some willow work from Jammu and Kashmir, probably a kangri here and a hand woven carpet there. It would have a prayer wheel from a monastery in Leh or a buddha painting from Sikkim. It would have a giant hand-held fan from Darjeeling or bamboo furniture from the North-east.

A tenure in Rajasthan means pretty marble statues and stuffed ethnic puppets. Down south, brass statues and Tanjore paintings take the centre space while anything and everything that can be made from coconuts will be tucked away in some corner of the house.

A lady’s wardrobe also reflects the many postings across the country that she has been to, but more on that later.

And at any party, the first 30 minutes will be spent in discussing all these items of the house. Next 30 minutes, the guests will tell you what all they have in common with your house and what other unique items they have. So party ice-breakers are spread all over the house 😀 .

And Army wives are extremely meticulous when it comes to setting-up houses. I feel they add a very feminine and homely touch to the house, which would otherwise be full of Army memorabilia, silver plates course group photos and trophies won in various fauji competitions. Even the clock would have the regimental crest if the ladies leave it to the officers to decorate! There has to be at least some difference between the mess and your house, right?


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