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Kissa Adjutant ki kursi ka!

The impact of my Major Sa'ab's announcement that he would soon be on the adjutant's chair can be accurately compared to that of an iceberg hitting the Titanic. This blog post by A Curious Army Wife is dedicated to the wives of those adjutants, who live a life worthy of a field allowance even during… Continue reading Kissa Adjutant ki kursi ka!


9 Reasons why Maggi and Fauj are made for each other

We all had a harrowing time when Maggi was banned. What a relief that it's coming back to reunite with her beloved fauji. I keep reading about how much Maggi means more to everyone that probably a lot of other meaningful things (I am not judging them, cos I am a Maggiholic myself). But Indian… Continue reading 9 Reasons why Maggi and Fauj are made for each other


Asha School student Laxmi excels in Special Olympics

Kudos to Laxmi Kumari, who won medals for India in Special Olympics recently. FYI, she is a product of the Asha Special Children School, which is run by the Indian Army (or is it AWWA?). I am so proud of her. I also made a mental note to encourage someone to follow in her footsteps… Continue reading Asha School student Laxmi excels in Special Olympics


First packing experience. What a pain!

And I am back... 🙂 Not that I was missed, I know. But it still feels great to write "I am back", for purely selfish reasons with which I won't bore you. So it's been almost two months that I haven't written anything. I was caught up in the cycle of dining outs - friendly… Continue reading First packing experience. What a pain!

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Kamar kass ke!

So there we were, dancing at the IMA Ball in Dehradun, where future officers training at the Indian Military Academy have a gala time before military service beckons, and this strange thing caught my eye. I wish I had taken a better picture. But there is only so much I can do with a normal… Continue reading Kamar kass ke!

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Protecting everyone!

This is a picture taken by Capt Sa'ab, who was recently out for a camp with a bunch of other faujis. The day they landed at the camp site they realised they had some unusual guests. Three kittens living in the barracks had accidently gotten themselves packed with the men's stuff! Well, needless to say,… Continue reading Protecting everyone!