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*Guest Post* How being a Fauji’s girlfriend changed my life!

He’s there alone, working extremely hard, not eating well, not sleeping well, not getting a second for himself and the only person he can share his heart with is me.Being a soldier’s girlfriend may not sound anything different or specialto many… but when you are actually with a soldier, you will see how life changes in unthinkable ways. We have been together since forever but it’s been a couple of years since I became the soldier’s girlfriend

Our relationship has changed in a lot of unimaginable ways since then. The best part — I am so so proud of my man. The feeling cannot be described in words. I have seen him change from a careless and immature schoolboy into a soldier, who now shares the responsibility of protecting billions of countrymen.

I can just not respect him enough, I could not be more proud of him.

The bad thing is I got demoted to the second position in the list of his loved ones. His love for his job tops his list now. He has pampered me a lot all these years and I have been literally in seventh heaven all the time, so for me it was like being thrown back to the earth. But that’s how it is.

I know how much he loves me, how much he wants to be with me and still he has to be in some godforsaken place for his duty — it makes me love him more and be more strong.

One obvious thing to have happened is that the relationship turned into a long distance one and there’s already so less time at our disposal and when once in a blue moon, we are all set to talk, bless the mobile network in Armed Forces areas.

At times, we may have 10 mins to talk and we will end up wasting 15 mins in just trying to connect the phone. So yeah, there is always a desire, a longing to be able to spend some time with each other, to not say anything, to escape from everything, just to be there with him.

This has made us appreciate each and every moment we spend together. We long to be with each other be it even for a moment and are always ready to scale any heights, fly any distance just to be together.

With time, I also became an excellent actor. No, I don’t act to hide my pain, I have to act to forget my pain. I have to be his strength. He’s there alone, working extremely hard, not eating well, not sleeping well, not getting a second for himself and the only person he can share his heart with is me.

I am the one who has to take care of him. And taking care doesn’t always mean cooking for him or doing his little chores, it’s more about taking care of his heart.

Always make him feel loved so that the rays of happiness shine on him. At times, I would feel extremely jealous and frustrated of not knowing about his whereabouts. With time, I have lost track of his likes and dislikes.

But I know the most important thing, he madly loves me and so do I! I started loving myself more because I’m lovely to him.

Even in today’s online world, we still write letters to each other. The joy of getting a letter after days of wait is just not comparable to getting an online message. We can read and re-read these letters years after years. The fragrance of our love will always be there in those letters.

I could not have imagined living, with him not being by my side for a day and here I am writing all this. It’s his radiating strength shining upon me too.

And the best perk is I get aviator glasses, Air Force t-shirts and souvenirs from all over the country as gifts!

— A Fauji Girlfriend.

The girl who wrote this wonderful piece did not want to disclose her identity. 


14 thoughts on “*Guest Post* How being a Fauji’s girlfriend changed my life!”

  1. I can relate everything on this article, how we long to see each other, wait for the call everyday knowing the fact thr will b no network. All this make our love grow strong day by day and also it has made me strong. It’s true I take care of his heart and make him feel being loved. Proud to be an army girlfriend..

  2. Feeling guilty after reading this lovely post. being in relation with my boyfriend turned Fiance 🙂 for 3 years now.. I still get upset for him not devoting me enough time. How to deal with this? Am proud of him.. very much.. but Dil h k maanta nahi. 😐

  3. He just got sent on a high altitude posting and everyday is all about waiting for that one phone call, even when you know there’s no network. Those stolen few moments when all hear is a cracking voice and even that makes your entire day/week. And whatever time you aren’t waiting for him, it’s spent on worrying about him, his health, whether he ate. It’s a crazy feeling, isn’t it? Feeling proud, miserable, restless, calm, sad, content, worried, patient all at the same time!

  4. It takes a great heart to be like you. I can sense that you’re a wonderful human being.
    Thank you for sharing!
    God bless you both!
    Love from middle India :’)

  5. Lovely piece! Makes us realize how much not just the men but their families sacrifice for us. Make me more responsible. A heartfelt salute to these brave men and their families

  6. I have grown a sudden fetish for army men. Now I have no idea if it’s good or bad. Loved your blog BTW. Let Mr stalk through your posts first. 😇

  7. Very well described. On a particular instance when I travelled by a special train and moved a unit as Train 2IC (second in command), my wife joined me for a short, actually extremely short while en route to our destination. Since we were moving to a small non-descript location with no trees, somewhere in the Himalayas, she went back to her parents place when we shifted from train to trucks. That was her first experience in an Army Special Train some 25+ years AGI, one that she cherishes even now.

  8. ” I have to be his strength. He’s there alone, working extremely hard, not eating well, not sleeping well, not getting a second for himself and the only person he can share his heart with is me.”
    Thanks for reminding me this. I am out of India for research and he is serving our nation. Its much more distressful than one can imagine. Network is never good for calling through apps. I really needed the above quoted lines. I was complaining to myself that how he can always share his heart but I’m never able to but the truth is that he has just me with whom he can share whereas I have my whole bunch of friends and family to call and talk to. This is also making me stronger day by day. I’m proud of him, not only for serving the nation but for letting me come so far to pursue my dream of studying Astronomy. I’m blessed because he values my dreams just like he did his by joining the Indian Army.

    1. This is exactly what we partners have to eventually understand. Glad the words of this guest post’s author have given you peace to deal with this difficult situation. I hope you guys finish your current assignments and get to stay together soon to share every small and big life event of life. 🙂

  9. lovely stories for my life. I read a first time in my life this type of stories. thanks to grateful to you for this story. If you have the latest story like this please send me a notification for my email. An email I gave below.

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